Creating Tests with Laravel

Laravel, Artisan and Testing

By: Tyler Lundstrom

The past few weeks I have been working on a project using the Laravel PHP framework. So far I love it and it has increased my abilities and knowledge for developing PHP immensely. One of the many great things about Laravel is it’s Artisan tool. Laravel’s Artisan tool is used to to create a lot of the boiler plate code for you as well as put the generated files in the proper repositories.

The command I’d ┬álike to talk about today is php artisan make:test┬áthis command when given a name will auto generate the test boiler plate you need to running unit tests in Laravel. This saves you time from having to manual type out all the files you are using as well as the class name and extensions. As a side note about the extension, you extend a class called TestCase which is an abstract class that has many of the boiler plate style syntax already filled out and you simply just extend upon that.

Once your file is created and you are ready to start creating your tests writing PHPunit is now as simple as creating jUnit code.

public function testExample(){ $this->assertTrue(true); }

That’s all you need to know about testing with Laravel. Thank you Taylor Otwell for making PHP development a delight!

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