Capstone: Sprint Reflection 5

This previous sprint was quite a successful sprint. We successfully had our code accepted into the Ampath project this previous sprint! It took us a while to get the understanding we required for the issue, but once we fully understood the issue it only took the team about a day to come up with a valid working solution. Once we as a team had decided to create a pull request, I went ahead and initiated this task. The biggest speed bump we hit for sure this sprint was getting the fix officially accepted and pulled into the project. The Ampath team had a specific set of guidelines they would have liked us to follow, we were not aware of these guidelines to begin with however. The first thing we needed to do was officially have the Ampath QA team checkout our fix and run it against their test systems. Then once that occurred once more developer was required to test the fix and check the quality of the code being applied to the fix. Once this was done our fix was accepted.

The second phase of Sprint was information gathering for the next issue we are working on. Towards the end of the sprint we received clarification on the issue and we have found that this may be a trickier issue then we initially thought. We are excited to get working on this issue this sprint, because we would like to see at least one more accepted change from out team before the semester’s end.

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