Capstone Project: Week 3 Reflections

Yet another week here and gone. This weeks reflections will be fairly brief due to it being the end of our sprint and having a weekend with nothing to work on. However, we did have a sprint retrospective this week due to our sprint completion! The retrospective went well. Our team has really great communication and that has helped us, so these retrospectives are just re-caps of things we found during the week.

One of the major issues we discussed was with our daily stand-ups. Due to us having to all do them remotely there leaves a lot open for loosely worded statements. We were using a lot of “I’ll try” or “I might get it done” and we wanted to clear up this language and be more precise. We found that two things happened when we became more precise.

  1. Others trusted what we said and knew we were going to get done what we said.
  2. We held ourselves personally accountable to truly get the things done that we said we were going to.

These two things I feel are very important for any scrum team!

We did our firstĀ realĀ sprint planning today and I am very excited to start working with the AMPATH code and seeing what true professional software looks like!

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