Capstone Project: Week 1 Reflections

This was the first week we began working on the Capstone project class. This week we didn’t do too much in the line of actual development so I don’t have too much to talk about. However, we did form the teams that we’d be working with for the entire semester. Myself and a group of my friends were lucky enough to all be paired together. We’ve done some group projects before and know each other’s work ethic and what we need to do to push each other. I really enjoy working with these teammates as well, so that helps immensely when you’re about to spend the next 3 months with them working on a project.

We are going to be working in the Ampath project that is part of the OpenMRS group project. I have looked into the OpenMRS project prior to this class but never took the dive to begin developing for them. I am incredibly excited to have an opportunity to work with a code base as large as this one. This will be the first time I really dive into a project that I haven’t worked on or seen previously and will be working with someone else’s code quite a bit and that will be a new experience as well. The project we will be working in using Angular2 which is a javascript framework that I have done small personal projects in but haven’t done anything to this scale so I am incredibly excited to be getting this experience as well.

As a side note apart from school, I have been brushing up on my Angular2 skills by following this tutorial as well as learning Ruby during some of my extra free time. I am enjoying Ruby as a language however, I find developing in PHP to be my comfort zone and ruby syntactically is a bit different. I find myself forgetting to close if statements with end as well as my loops. I am sure this is something I will get used to but it will take time!

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