Capstone Project: Sprint 4 Refelction

This sprint reflection will be a brief one. Unfortunately for the majority of this previous sprint (8 or 9 days) I was sick. I was so sick I couldn’t really move off the bed. So unfortunately I missed out on almost the entire sprint. My team was very flexible with me being down and they were able to work around that.

Once I started feeling better I began playing some catch up with the group, communication to me teammates to see what I’ve missed and figure out where they were at. We are working on an issue in the Ampath system (NGPOC-185). Initially when we took the issue we assumed we knew what the issue was talking about. However, after I started feeling better I started testing some things out in the Ampath POC system. What I found was our initial thoughts on the issue were completely wrong! This was extremely unfortunate because the team had put in a lot of time to find a good fix to what we thought the problem was. The lesson learned here for sure was; if there is ANY doubt in your understanding of an issue, get clarification!

We concluded our sprint with a retrospective. The main thing we discussed was our failure in this area, and how to avoid this in the past. We also discussed how we were going to make up for lost time. So moving forward we’ve decided that we are going to work in pairs. The issues seem to be easy enough that 6 people to 1 issue is overkill. This should allow our team to move forward and begin progressing and be able to increase the velocity of our scrum group.

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