A Year in Test

I read this blog post by a woman who in the past year to writing post had been moved to the testing department at her company (You can read that here). In this article the Cassandra talks about the frustration on having little to no background in test but being thrown into the deep-end with software testing. In her small company she stated that the CEO did most of the previous testing and she took it over so he could focus on more important tasks. She was a team of 1 with little to no experience.

Her first goal was to absorb as much knowledge as possible and she found the best way to do that wasn’t about reading specific books learning the newest test framework, but it was by simply creating tests and as problems¬†arise to find the answer shes looking for in others’ blog posts and twitter conversations.

I think a good take away from an article like this is that even though she had no experience going into the software testing realm it didn’t take long for her to gain the experience necessary to become a successful tester who is now also teacher others through her experience. I think this applies to all aspects of software. In one year I will be a far better programmer than I was, the same goes with testing. The more you do something, simply the better you become.

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